knock knock, your mind is calling

shh. listen.

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When people turn to fictional characters, it’s often because they want an escape. The stories of these people shelter us from the storm of our daily lives; they save us, if only for a little while. But when we really give in, become invested, let ourselves be vulnerable, something changes. We begin to feel that we know them. It’s no longer just an escape, but part of us, something that makes us who we are.

These characters teach us that incredible adversity can be overcome. That people can love each other forever. That life can be an adventure. That magic can be real. And even if these miracles have never happened to us, we begin to go through life believing that, someday, they could. 

I will always reblog this when it’s on my dash! Without my fandoms, I wouldn’t be here today

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were shatner’s acting instructions literally just “act like everything spock does turns you on” I mean

spock nerve pinches guard


spock raises an eyebrow


spock introduces himself


spock is sassy


spock does maths


spock touches a wall




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Happy birthday, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien!
Though you have been gone for a very long time, you will live on forever through your beloved stories. You have given us all - not only many beautifully told stories, that we will cherish for the rest of our lives - but you have also given us beloved characters that we hold dear to our hearts, that we consider, though they are not real, close friends. We will always remember you and will always be grateful to you for these stories. May you rest in peace, you beautiful man.

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